Ash Cool Wedge Trainers- love! love! love!

You may remember me banging on a while back about the Isabel Marant Perkins Trainers- my ultimate shoe for pram pushing, if not then HERE's a reminder. Well, I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of wedge trainers/ sneakers/ whatever you want to call them!

Nope not the Isabel Marant ones, instead I bought these from Ash on the Kings Road.

Introducing my Ash Cool Wedge Hi-Top trainers.....

Ash stock many different types of wedge trainers but I totally fell for chunky sole of this style, there is another version called Bowie which is very similar but has a slightly different sole.

I actually think I prefer these to the Isabel Marrant version, these being a little less clunky. I also much the prefer the price tag, these were less than half the cost!!

They are by far the comfiest heels I have ever owned and perfect for strolling around with the little one, I love them! So much so that I may even invest in a black pair for winter ( ahem, thinking a bit ahead here!) These are described as yellow and are part of the limited edition pastel collection, but to me they are more of a sandy colour.

Say Hi to Phoebe everyone!!
Phoebe is my sisters gorgeous  little Boston Terrier pup who we are looking after for a few days, we have two more lurking around the house somewhere. All three are brilliant with the babies!

Back to the trainers..

Here's a link to the Ash website although their wedge trainers seem to sell out fast!


  1. Yay! Love them, so glad you finally got some! xxx

    1. Thanks :) Promise to stop wittering on about them now!!


  2. I am soooo in love with this trend!!
    They look beautiful!

    Wedge Hightop envy right here ;)

    1. Thanks, I'm still in love with this trend, think I may have to invest in another pair for winter!!

  3. Hi! I have the same pair and I was wondering if the back flap of the shoes is hitting the back part of your ankle whenever you walk. I seem to have this issue with mine =(

    1. Hi Julie! no mine don't hit the back of my ankle, they are super comfy. Have you tried winding the lace around the ankle before you tie it ( like in photo no.3) maybe that would help?


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