The Super Sponge- Konjac Sponges for Mama & Baby

When little E was on the way, I definitely wasn't one of these fabulous glowing pregnant ladies, my skin was absolutely terrible. In a bid to get rid of my hideous spots, I splashed out on a Clarisonic skin brush. The Clarisonic left my skin feeling fantastically clean and refined but only served to aggravate the blemishes around my chin and jaw line. It was only when I decided to lay off the Clarisonic, quite a while after E's birth, that my skin finally cleared up.

Now Baby Jones 2.0 is on the way, I've become been totally paranoid at the slightest sign of a spot. Of course, being pregnant I've had to give up any products containing salicylic acid and generally use sudocrem instead but I wanted something to keep my skin feeling clean without resorting to the Clarisonic once again. I did some research and came across these amazing Konjac sponges. They are made from vegetable fibres which make them ideal for sensitive skin like mine. They are used for gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing, you don't actually need to use any products with them although I tend to use a smidge of face wash just to make sure my skin is extra clean, I need just a fraction of the face wash that I would normally use.

As well as the original Konjac sponge, they are also available with various types of french clay added which you choose according to your skin type. I chose the pink french clay which is designed for use on tired and devitalised skin.

Whilst browsing the Konjac sponge website I noticed that they also do a baby version! Like me E also suffers from very sensitive skin and sometimes has bouts of eczema so we have to be careful what we use on her. Once again the Konjac sponges sounded perfect for her, especially as you don't need to use detergent with them ( or very little if you decide to use any).

We've both been using the Konjac sponges for about a month now and so far I'm really impressed with the results. E's skin is looking great and mine seems to have reacted well to the sponges too. I have yet to get any pesky spots ( although not getting my hopes up yet, pregnancy hormones are so unpredictable!) and my skin feels really smooth, clean and refined. I will be stocking up on these for when baby 2.0 arrives, they are great for newborns, especially as you don't need to use any products.  My clarisonic will most definitely be going on eBay, these sponges not only cost a fraction of the price but are also far more friendly to the environment. I bought mine Here.

Have you tried these yet?


  1. These sponges sound great, my skin is also sensitive and I suffer from breakouts and in nearly 16 weeks pregnant. I think I will head over to their site :)

    Emily x

    1. Your skin sounds similar to mine, you should definitely take a look at them

  2. Replies
    1. Me neither until recently but apparently they've been used in Asia for quite a while x

  3. These sound brilliant! I want one xx


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