Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kids for a Quid- Brilliant offer for T20 Cricket at the Oval

Right now all the school mums seem to be busying themselves with booking up summer activities  for their kids over the summer. I've held back a little, partly because not only are so many of the summer camps super expensive but it's lovely to be able to have the children around ( although I might not be saying that come August!) Well, Surrey County Cricket Club have got it spot on with their family friendly event.  Children can go to any of their NatWest T20 Blast matches for just £1. T20 is the explosive all action short form of cricket which has become hugely popular amongst younger audiences.

Children's tickets are in the family zone where Kia Oval ambassadors will be at hand to make sure that families get the most out of their day out. Alcohol is allowed for adults ( Mr Jones whoops with glee) but bad language is not tolerated ( guess it's just going to me me and the kids then). They have organised plenty of food outlets that will be serving fish n chips, gourmet burgers etc but you're also free to bring along picnics, there's also a sheltered concourse in case of rain.

There are also heaps of activities planned for the kids such as face painting, autographs with the players, free gifts and a chance for the children to play cricket against their parents.

The Kia Oval is one of the most iconic cricket grounds in the world and has been home to Surrey since 1845! They're going to be holding a few matches here over the summer and I have been warned that tickets sell out very fast!! For more info visit

The remaining matches are

Saturday June 25: Surrey v Essex, 2pm

Friday July 8: Surrey v Somerset, 6.30pm

Friday July 22: Surrey vs Sussex, 6.30pm

Friday July 29: Surrey v Kent, 6.30pm

We can't wait, see you there!!


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Afternoon Tea at the Conrad London St James

To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday Sarah and I were invited to afternoon tea and royal etiquette class at the gorgeous five star luxury hotel, the Conrad London St James in St James' Park. The afternoon tea and etiquette class are both part of the Fans of London campaign, launched by Hilton, British Airways and London & Partners. 

As part of the royal experience, we were taken through an A-Z lesson on the ideal etiquette for an afternoon tea with the queen with etiquette expert William Hanson. William is a trusted authority on all matters of etiquette, manners and good taste who has worked within royal households and you would no doubt recognise him from his regular appearances in the media.

William presented the rules of etiquette to us which was very informative and interesting, he believes that good manners are not just part of a bygone age but are in fact timeless. He strives to make them accessible and comprehensive to everyone and this really came across during our class in the down to earth and humorous way in which he explained the origins of etiquette.

After the class it was time to enjoy our delicious tea. The theme was English county garden and we enjoyed delicious savoury pea and feta purees and salmon blinis.

Followed by an exquisite array of sweet treats. I loved the rose canapés made from apples and the butterflies. Even the soil in the pot was edible and made from chocolate!!

The Royal etiquette class followed by afternoon tea will run until July, and can be booked directly by contacting Conrad London St James on or 020 3301 1400


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

#SoakItUp with Kaleidoscope

Summer is well and truly here in London and it's time to soak up the sunshine in style. I adore these bold nautical inspired pieces from the Kaleidoscope holiday collection. 

My favourite piece is the lightweight striped shirt. It works equally well on the beach over a bikini as it does for a city casual look teamed with Kaleidoscope's slim leg stretch trousers.

The buttery soft scarlet clutch and colour block t-bar court shoes add summery accents to the overall look. These work so well with my favourite bright lipstick, YSL Le Orange and Nailberry's Pop My Berry on my fingers and toes. 

This gorgeous floppy hat completes the look. It folds up nicely in to your beach bag to keep you cool during those scorching summer days.

My favourite thing about this entire outfit is that it looks just as good on holiday as it does for summery evenings in the city. Check out more of Kaleidoscope's holiday collection on their website:

Enjoy the sunshine!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Curry's Sale

You would not believe how many sale products are on the vast internet every day. All retailers, be it big or small, are offering daily discounts that most of the deal-hungry online shoppers have no way of knowing about, unless they physically check the product prices every day.

Currys is no different than that – there are dozens of great sale products on Currys website every day, from TVs to digital cameras and smartphones, the Currys sale event is an ever-happening joy-bringing and money-saving event that will help you discover great products at reduced prices from one of the UK’s favourite retailers. If you have the time to browse through their tens of thousands of products, you can visit their sale page and try to find their latest deals. However, this is extremely time consuming. There is a better way of finding Currys discounted products.

You might be wondering about how to find the latest Currys deals. I’ll share a great sale finder resource that will help you discover not only the latest Currys sale items but it also serves as the UK’s universal sale finder tool that scans all major retailers every day and finds all the latest deals. There is a new online tool out there that is powered by Artificial Intelligence driven web spiders. Imagine an army of robots that browse millions of products 24/7 and check the prices of the products every day. Whenever these robots notice that a price had been dropped for a product, they will push it on the front-end of the website so tens of thousands of their users can discover unimaginable deals. The website is called Everyday is Black Friday, and their name is explaining exactly what the service offers – their robots find so many deals every day that it seems like it’s Black Friday every day.
If you happen to visit their Currys Sale page, you will instantly find dozens of sale products that the system has found in the past 2 days. The Currys products displayed there have been meticulously checked every day, and they have been displayed automatically because the robots identified a price drop on the items. Imagine as if you would have a personal assistant who sits all day and writes down every price on the internet, and then he or she alerts you whenever it found a price drop for the relevant products to your needs. This is exactly what Everyday is Black Friday is doing.

Apart from the deal finder functionality, the service also provides a good platform for comparing prices for any product you can think of. This will help you find the best prices in a fraction of a second for any search term. Just try and search “adidas leggings” and you’ll see how the system will bring up dozens of Adidas leggings from all major sports retailers, with prices ranging from £8 to over £30.

I hope I could be helpful by sharing this tip with you, and I hope that next time when you are searching for a Currys product you will use the Currys Sale page from Everyday is Black Friday, to make sure you won’t miss out any deal on the item you wish to purchase.

Friday, 27 May 2016

A Look at What Makes a Home Hosted Event Great

How often do you pop round to a friend’s house for dinner or invite the gang round for canapés and cocktails at yours?
Often, it’s easier to have people over than to plan a trip to a restaurant and have to figure out where you’re going to park or to have to fork out money for expensive wine on top of paying for your meal. While growing evidence suggests we are now dining out more – though spending less per visit when we do – during the downturn dining at home enjoyed a bit of a boom as we Brits tried to stretch the budget that bit further. Figures released by the CGA-Peach Consumer Index in 2013 revealed that those under 40 made an average of 1.44 visits meet ups at friend’s homes each week compared to 1.31 occasions spent drinking or eating out.  
Are you an eager dinner party host or do you prefer to be a guest that brings a bottle rather than spending a day in the kitchen yourself? Today’s post looks at what makes someone a host with the most.

Make your home entertainment ready

While some of the best gatherings that involve food and friends can centre around something as simple as ordering in a few pizzas and sitting back on the sofa to watch a great film, having your home set up ready to host can really make a difference.
Over the years many gadgets have evolved to help dinner parties to host get togethers more efficiently and while a great sound system for playing some background music might be many hosts number one gadget these days in the past the likes of the Lazy Susan made a huge impact on the dinner party landscape.
If you don’t have a lot of space for a dining table you may be a more reluctant host but it shouldn’t necessarily hold you back. A survey by Asda found that barbecues are becoming big news with 76% of people spending up to £80 on an event and 44% saying they put as much effort into outdoor eating events like barbecues as they do dinner parties.
If outdoor eating is more your area of expertise, could your home be set up a little better to make entertaining easier? If you don’t already have a patio dining area with easy access, could you look at installing patio or external bi-fold doors like these from Vufold. A dinner party is as much about conversation, mixing and mingling as it is food and drink, so opening up your space can add the possibility of moving around more freely and perhaps even introducing some dancing into the mix. With the addition of a patio heater or even a fire pit or chiminea (B&M have some bargains) you may find that you can extend the al fresco eating season.

Don’t just do dinner

There’s a reason we usually think of inviting others round for an evening meal and it’s not just because we like to legitimately put After Eight mints to use in their proper time slot. ‘Dinner party’ – it’s in the name isn’t it? However, while it’s often more convenient or cost-effective to pop over to your mates for a meal it’s not always practical to do so late or even early evening, particularly if you are parents. If you need to pay for a babysitter the cost of a cheap evening out can soon increase and that of course is if people can find sitters. So, why not arrange a get together over another meal entirely?
According to OnePoll, three quarters of 18-35 year-olds enjoy a late, leisurely brekkie at least once a month – could you host your own brunch party? It’s likely to be easier for other mums and dads to find childcare or activities to entertain kids earlier in the day or you could host while little ones are at nursery. You can still treat the get together as a special event – baking or cooking up some treats for the table, though you may want to stay clear of the wine early in the day!

Make it special

However big your home and whatever your budget for your food and drinks, going the extra mile with added personalised touches can help your event and hosting skills stand out. Could you design and make invitations for your guests rather than relying on text or email? Perhaps you could decorate your dining or outdoor space with a particular theme in mind and make things like place cards for your guests?

Are you a willing host when it comes to dishing out food and drinks or are you less than confident about your at home entertaining skills?
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